Posted by: Andrew | July 22, 2011

Not expecting that

We made our way down the slope, picking a path through the mass of bodies reddening in the sun. We were heading for the ponds, not to swim – much too busy for that – but to take in the view.

A view of a long queue for the diving board, stretching along the whole length of the jetty. It was the hottest day of the year; the pond was even busier than I imagined. We stood for a short while, watching a succession of boys leap off the board.  Just as we were preparing to move on, the largest of them stepped up.  I prodded C – lets just stay to see what the big guy does.

Two, three steps along the board then the most exquisitely elegant dive I have ever seen at the ponds.  I can still see him now, suspended in the air, hands on knees in a pike position of sorts, before straightening out to vertical and entering the water with barely a splash. As I watched open-mouthed, C began to laugh.  ‘You weren’t expecting that were you?’.

No I wasn’t.  I wasn’t expecting that at all.


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